The artistic cast metal studio

The artistic cast metal studio was founded in 1979. From the beginning, its principal focus has been on monumental realizations and smaller bronze scale sculptures made by the lost-wax cast technique. It is exclusively specialized on casting sculptures, reliefs, memorial plaques and other works of art.

Sculptures are cast in the traditional way, finished with the use of traditional methods and patinated. Monumental sculptures are composed by welding, worked and prepared for installation in a public space, including an internal stainless steel structure where necessary. The studio makes replicas of historical sculptures and realizations of both Czech and foreign artists.

Examples of realizations

Sepulchre of St. Vojtech in the St. Vitus Cathedral (Prague)

Jiří Marek: Fox Bystrouska, Pierot

Marius Kotrba: St. Christopher, Ringing, Great moment

Michal Gabriel: Horses in a square, Otto Wichterle Memorial, Pegasus, Angel, Road

Nikos Armutidis: Dead Horse Memorial, Pieta, Nymph

Jaroslav Bocker: Replica of Statuary of K. Kotrba (Pilsner), General Patton

Jiří Plieštik: Czechoslovak legionaries Memorial, Untouchable physique

Jaroslav Róna: Skull